About IGO

Welcome to a site for books

igobooks specialise in the making and selling of books. We are more than just an online bookstore, where we not only sell the books our publisher’s print but we also market and distribute books to the general public, bookstores and resellers. We are able to offer our authors and publishers the opportunity to have their books showcased to all the major book selling chain stores and independent resellers in South Africa as well as offer an online platform for our authors and publishers to sell their books (this website). We offer our resellers competitive discount rates, up to 40%, for the books they purchase from us for reselling purposes. If you are a reseller and would like to purchase books from us for resale please send an e-mail to info@igobooks.co.za.

For an author, the process of getting a book to the stage where it needed to be sold, would have started with an idea or story. A lot of authors whether amateur or professional have really struggled in the past to get their story’s published and to print. There have been a number of hurdles, but the most daunting was the cost of printing a book. Thousands of rands had to be spent to make the printing viable for an individual book to sell within a reasonable cost. However with the advent of digital printing the process of book printing has become much more affordable for the everyday person who wishes to write a story. This has caused a rise in self publishers looking to get their story out there and to share their knowledge. This possibility is now available in South Africa and is offered via igobooks where we can digitally print a book without it costing tens of thousands of rands, to a minimum quantity and of the highest quality using our HP indigo colour digital press and our Oce black and white digital press. Authors and self publishers as well as small publishing houses can now get On-Demand Digital printing services with igobooks without having to send artwork overseas to do this. This option being popular for Novels and the like. Not only can igobooks digitally print books, we are also able to print traditionally on our litho print presses for larger quantities should a publisher or author so wish, with this being more cost effective for full colour work. With over 25 years of book printing and book making, you can expect the binding and making up of your book to be of the best quality. Once the book is published, igobooks will market the book to all the major book sellers throughout South Africa like Exclusive Books, Bargain Books, CNA and the like. We are also able to show case books to more remote areas where a specific book might be relevant to that area. As a distributor the commission we have set out is the most competitive in the industry.

We like to think of igobooks as the complete package for anyone who is writing a book and we encourage all authors, writers and small publishers who struggle to find a major publishing label to support their writing to come to igobooks to do the complete process from printing to distribution.