A View From Other Side 2nd Edition

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“In this book, Ambassador Stith raises the questions politicians and policy makers around the world should be asking. He has also offered some compelling answers.”
His Excellency Jakaya M. Kikwete former President of the United Republic of Tanzania

As a business person, I have been particularly mindful of the economic consequences of COVID-19 for the continent. Few have zeroed-in on the economic consequences like Stith. He has championed the interest of the poor and, at the same time, focused on the challenges we need to overcome to further the greater good.”

“ I have known Ambassador Stith for more than a decade. He has been one of Africa’s greatest advocates and champions. This book is another example of his appreciation for the challenges the continent faces and, more specifically, how it might recover from the damage done by COVID-19”.

His Excellency Rupiah Banda, former President of the Republic of Zambia

“While a Democrat, [Stith] is also an American and as with most Americans, economic considerations are at the front of the queue. He brandishes a no-nonsense pragmatism and while at times this can come across as glib, there are also many truths South Africans tend to avoid for fear of upsetting the wrong people.”

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