WWII through the eyes of South AfricansFrom Addis to the Aosta Valley & Come Back to Portofino

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World War II through the eyes of South Africans who served from North Africa to Italy

From Addis to the Aosta Valley. This is the story of Keith Ford, an ordinary soldier, and his account of his service in the Second World War from 1940–1945. He has a keen eye for detail for the countryside and people around him.

Come Back to Portofino. This book chronicles the journey taken by volunteers in the 6th South African Armoured Division in World War II. A 12 month campaign from training camps in Egypt to Monte Cassino, Venice and the River Po, the experiences left an enduring impression on the soldiers.

Keith Ford (From Addis to the Aosta Valley), James Bourhill (Come Back to Portofino)


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